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Ready for an epic day of perfectly timed moments? Ready to shake up your weekend brunch plans? First, gather as many dogs (and their owners) as you can find. Next, mix with plenty of squeaky toys, an obstacle course, and pancakes —which double as frisbees! Add two professional photographers shooting with the Canon EOS Rebel T7i. Alert the pup-arazzi.

On a recent Saturday morning in Brooklyn, Mashable and Canon invited the dogs of New York City to experience a one-of-a-kind “dog photo park” MashMeet. First, we warmed up our cameras and our canines with a photo shoot at North Brooklyn Farms. As dogs ran agility courses on the field, BMX bikers practiced their tricks on the nearby track. Everyone was getting hungry, so we decided to make them work for their breakfast — and create some epic pancake Frisbee shots in the process.  

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