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Emilia Clarke is ready to embark on a new epic story centred around the destructive forces of fire and ice — and Christmas. 

The Game of Thrones star is going to be acting along side Henry Golding of Crazy Rich Asians in the upcoming Paul Feig movie Last Christmas. And yes, the movie is actually inspired by the 1984 Wham! song.

Our guess is that Clarke is the soul of ice that starts a fire in the heart of Golding, a man under cover. 

The casting was confirmed by Golding on Twitter, and he seems just as excited as we are. 

Last Christmas is written by British actor Emma Thompson with co-writer Bryony Kimmings, who confirmed to Radio Times that the movie is based on the Wham! Christmas hit — and all-round excellent song — written by George Michael. 

Other than that, all that’s really known about the movie is that it is a holiday romance set in London.

We’re excited to see who’s giving their heart to whom and whether they’ll give it away the very next day. 

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